Birkenstocks Are Back!

The ever so loved Birkenstocks are back in style ladies and gentlemen! Oh yes the adored by several in the 90′s are finally resurrecting. Birkenstocks are not only extremely comfy, but are also very easy to style - making it a loved shoe by many. For those who don’t know Birkenstocks are a type of slip-on sandal or as some might say “the Jesus sandal”. They first became popular in the 90′s, then they slowly died away when the flip-flop came around. But, as some trends do, it has peaked it’s way back to the top fifteen years later. Hopefully you didn’t throw yours away! Plus anyone can wear them - men, women, young, old - they work for everyone.The nice thing about Birkenstocks is how versatile they are. Honestly the possibilities are endless! My favorite way to style them is with some over-sized boyfriend jeans and a band tee. If you’re still on the rocks about them here are some gorgeous ladies who rock them in several different ways:

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