Skincare 101: Determining Your Skin Type

Hello! I know its been forever since I've last made a blog post (oops!) but, I can officially say I will be active on my blog from here on out - I promise. So, to kick off me getting back into the blogging world I will be starting a new series dedicated to skincare. I figured it would be a smart idea to kick-off this series with a post on different skin types and how to determine which one you have. Enjoy!

- Smooth and even texture
- Small pores
- May have some shine and larger pores in the center of the face
- Cheeks are the driest area, but not overly dry

- Feels tight after washing
- May appear dry/flaky
- Sensitive
- Very small pores
- Shows fine lines faster than other skin types

- Large and visible pores (usually)
- Frequent breakouts
- Few signs of aging
- Skin appears shiny, especially in the T-Zone

- Oily throughout the T-Zone
- Dry cheeks / Spot dehydration
- Larger pores in center of the face (forehead, nose, chin)

- Can vary from dry to oily
- Easily irritated by makeup and skincare
- Itchy and/or blotchy
- Prone to redness

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