All About Overalls

If you’ve been keeping up with today’s latest trends, then you’ve probably noticed the ever so wonderful overalls (aka dungarees) are back and better than ever. After being extremely popular in the 90’s and late 2000’s overalls slowly started to die away and before you knew it, they were gone with the wind. All of a sudden I’ve been seeing them everywhere - and love it! Overalls give you that I tried but not really type of look. The best part is you can style them in several different ways, for example: with bandeau tops, long/short sleeves, dressed up, dressed down, and way more! Overalls are perfect for us lazy gals out there, they’re pants but they have the shirt part covered for us too. Although some are completely against and refuse to believe overalls are back in trend, thinking they’re childish and unattractive, but fear not for below I have provided a series of pictures with girls who prove that theory wrong! 

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