Top Five: Pink Lipsticks

Hello everybody! Today I will be sharing with you my top five pink lipsticks. Personally I absolutely adore a nice pink lipstick so it was a bit hard for me to choose but after loads of swatching different lip products I finally came up with my top five. Enjoy!

(from left to right: NYX Lipstick "Tea Rose", Maybelline Color Whisper "Lust for Blush", Revlon Lipstick "Blushing Mauve", Revlon Lacquer Balm "Demure", Revlon Lip Butter "Sweet Tart")

NYX Lipstick "Tea Rose" - This one is extremely moisturizing for a lipstick. It goes on very smooth as well. 

Maybelline Color Whisper "Lust for Blush" - This one is also quite moisturizing. It's not very opaque and gives a very light and subtle finish. Sadly, they discontinued this product but luckily you can get the same color in their lipstick range. 

Revlon Lipstick "Blushing Mauve" - This is one of my personal favorites. It's a bit more on the mauve-y side, so it's not as pink. This is also suitable to more skin tones versus the other ones. I will say it can get a bit drying and does wear off quite easily. 

Revlon Lacquer Balm "Demure" - This is the lip product I wear for my "everyday" lip. It's very sheer and doesn't have too much of a pigment, which is nice to pop on for an everyday lip. It is a bit sticky when you first apply it, but that wears off after wearing for a few minutes. 

Revlon Lip Butter "Sweet Tart" - A bit of a brighter pink compared to the rest, but still one of my favorites. This one can be both sheer and opaque - depending on how much you apply. It does wear off a bit though so I recommend blotting your lips after using this. 

(from left to right: Maybelline Color Whisper "Lust for Blush", Revlon Lacquer Balm "Demure", Revlon Lip Butter "Sweet Tart", Revlon Lipstick "Blushing Mauve", NYX Lipstick "Tea Rose")

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